I am a fitness trainer of 10 years, growing up under my mother’s passion for fitness instruction. I graduated Syracuse University with a dual major in International Relations and Sociology and moved to New York City where I have been for the past 10 years. In 2014 I began competing in bikini bodybuilding NPC and continued on for 4 years.

I won many shows, but got very ill from over-training and not finding a proper balance of rest and recovery. This sparked a desire to help others find a balance for fitness, health and wellness. I began a fitness blog that turned into a brand that now helps inspire and provide insight on wellness. I also self-published a book on Amazon, “13 Ways to Evolve as a Human”, as a tool to instill this balance and self improvement for my audience.

My clientele has ranged from 16 to 76 years old, injured, non inured, pre-and post-natal. I have a strong desire to help others reach their best potential version of themselves.

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