Over the course of my lifetime, I have always been active. I played baseball throughout my Junior High and High School years, been involved in golf for many years, and various other sports on the side. I grew up in a very “blue-collar” family, an environment of which taught me the valuable lesson to be the very best at everything I do. Throughout all of this, my up-bringing has installed stubbornness in me, which is a good as I never give up on myself, anything, or anyone. Having lived in Utica my entire life, I have a strong connection with our surrounding community. I have been a member of The Fitness Mill for about a decade, however not becoming serious about fitness until about 4 years ago. I have developed a strong social network in this area’s fitness community, stretching to many surrounding gyms, nutritional stores, etc. I love this area and want to infect fitness into everyone and everything that I possibly can. If you want a trainer who’s going to be soft, and just hold your hand every second, I’m not your guy. BUT, if you want someone to push you, motivate you, make you better than you ever have in your life… then I AM your guy. I believe in fitness, and I believe in working hard. All I ever ask for is your heart and dedication. You have ONE BODY, and I’m going to help you take care of it.

“You have ONE BODY, and I’m going to help you take care of it.”

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